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2008 Back Issues
COVER Page 1/2) BIS/ BISS Ch. Dazlin Defiance
Page 3) Index To Issue
Page 4 Skyline BT - "3 Sweet Littermates"
Page 5 Skyline BT- "Ryker & Rhyme"
Page 6 Baker Street BT- "Iolo & Colt"
Page 7 WindsorBT- "Java"
Page 8 York BT  "Beck"
Page 9 Corsaire BT (22 Years of BT's)
Page 10 Corsaire BT - "Chet"
Page 11 Mainely BT - "Bodee"
Page 12 Bullful BT "Rufus"
Page 13 Bullful BT - "Safina & Grandkids"
Page 14 Wendigo BT - "Sarah & Alley"
Page 15 Wendigo BT -"Salem"
Page 16BullyHill BT - "Darcy & Dante"
Page 17 Timescape BT - "Bob & Lola"
Page 18 Byron BT - "Alice"
Page 19 TNG BT - " Zulu"
Page 20 TNG BT - "Zulu"
Page 21 Bullypalooza
Page 22-23) Article: Some Thoughts on The Bite by Elizabeth Hennessy DVM
Page 24-25) Article: Interview with author Jane Killion (When Pigs Fly)
Page 26 Houston KC BTCA Results & Candid Photos (Sweeps)
Page 27 Houston KC BTCA Candid Photos (Sweeps)
Page 28 Houston KC BTCA Results & Candid Photos (Coloreds)
Page 29 Houston KC BTCA Candid Photos (Coloreds)
Page 30 Houston KC BTCA Results & Candid Photos (Whites)
Page 31 Houston KC BTCA Candid Photos (Whites)
Page 32 Beaver County KC ( Canfield Ohio) BTCA Colored Results
Page 33 Beaver County KC ( Canfield Ohio) BTCA Colored Candid Photos
Page 34 Beaver County KC ( Canfield Ohio) BTCA  White Results
Page 35 Beaver County KC ( Canfield Ohio) BTCA  White Candid Photos
Page 36 Litter Box
BACK COVER 37) Madcap's Veni Vidi Veci

Debut Edition
September 2008 Volume 1 no.1

COVER Page 1-2) Ch. Bull Manor's Centurion
Page 3) Index to Issue
Page 4)   Ch. Banbury Bedrock Bugatti CGC
Page 5)  Ch. Stellar's Quicksilver Showshocker ROM
Page 6)  Bukavi Huye
Page 7) Ch. Nuance Nonsense ROM & Ch. Nuance Nonchalance ROM
Page 8) CFC CanAm Ch Mighty Bulls Chap Chester
Page 9) Stellar's Sounds of Silence
Page 10) Brigadoon Bel Samara at Starman
Page 11) Ch. Brigadoon Go Go Boots , CGC
Page 12) Moomstone Saw My Shadow at Baker Street
Page 13) Fall Greetings from E Bull Terriers
Page 14) The Hucklebutt
Page 15) Ch. Bonsai Skip To My Alou "Mini BT"
Page 16)  South Florida Bull Terrier Rescue
Page 17)  New York/ NJ  BT Rescue
Page 18 ) Wally's World ( A book by author Marsha Boulton)
Page 19 -21)  Editorial by Winkie Mackay Smith
Page 22-26)  Article: Judging The Bull Terrier by breeder judge, Victoria Corse
Page 27) LitterBox
Page 28) Good To Know Stuff
BACK COVER 29) Ch. TNG N Buoys Concrete Blonde
October 2008 Volume 1 no.2

COVER Page ) Am/ Can Ch. Nuance Nonsense , ROM
Page 1)  Ch.Stellar's Quicksilver Showshocker ,ROM
Page 2)  Brigadoon Bel Samara At Starman
Page 3)  Corsaire The Courier
Page 4) Am/Can Ch.Bullenium Big Bazooka, ROM
Page 5) Bullistic Sky Diamond
Page 6) Ch.Sinabar Adrenaline Buzz, ROM
Page 7) Sinabar Exotic at Valentino
Page 8) Sinabar Exotic at Valentino
Page 9) Soquel Millenium Black Fern
Page 10) Ch.Bestavull Razor Redi-Cut , ROM
Page 11) Ch.Butterfly Field's Angelica
Page 12) Bully Manor Brags
Page 13) Byron's Lady Marmalade
Page 14) Lubjan / Introduces 3 new exciting males.
Page 15) Ch.Rhinestone Rumour Has It of Malycwa
Page 16) Ouinsdale Bessie Bunter
Page 17) Wakatang Hysteria
Page 18) 2009 Bronze Show
Page 19) Bull Terrier Specialty of Chile By Marcos Fonseco
Page 20) Showing Your Bull Terrier by Victoria Corse
Page 21) Litter Box
Page 22) Silverwood Winners
Page 23) Silverwood Reserve Winners
Page 24) BTCA Sweeps Winners
Page 25) BTCA Futurity Winners
Page 26) BTCA Colored Winners Pt.1
Page 27) BTCA Colored Winners Pt.2
Page 28) BTCA White Winners Pt.1
Page 29) BTCA White Winners Pt 2
Page 30) Candid Photos from BTCA Specialty & Silverwood
Page 31) Candid Photos from BTCA Specialty & Silverwood
Page 32) Video Clips from BTCA Specialty & Silverwood
Page 33) Ordering Information about the National DVD
Page 34) Fall Advertising by E Bull Terriers
BACK COVER) Multi BIS/ BISS Ch. Action Chaos And Charisma
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Page 22 - Back
November 2008 Volume 1 no.3

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COVER Page ) Ch.Buoy's TNT at TNG , ROM
Page 1)  Moonstone Saw My Shadow at Baker Street
Page 2)  Action Top Class
Page 3)  Balliol Bull Terriers (Finland)
Page 4) Ch. Dier's Gabrielle of Brownstone
Page 5) Stardom Beauty Spot
Page 6) PW Kennels of Hawaii
Page 7) Montessorie Moonlight
Page 8) Ch. BullyHill Midnight Special
Page 9)  Kennel Gargola Bull ( Chile)
Page 10) Astrobull Bull Terriers ( Columbia)
Page 11) Mile High BT Rescue
Page 12) Litter Announcement from Madcap & TNG Bull Terriers
Page 13) Litter Box
Page 14) BTCA Specialy/ Silverwood Video DVD Information
Page 15) Advertise in E Bull Terriers
Back  Seasons Greetings for E Bull Terriers

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December 2008 Volume 1 no.4

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